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Treatments for Wrist Pain

Wrist pain treatments vary depending on several factors: the diagnosis, the severity of the symptoms, and the patient’s overall health.

If you want specialized medical care and treatment that works for your wrist pain, then it is in your best interest to see an experienced orthopedic hand surgeon. This type of specialized doctor is highly trained in musculoskeletal conditions, and so they know what kind of treatment would work best in your particular case.

A hand surgeon does not exclusively perform surgery, but also offers a wide range of nonsurgical treatment options. Let’s talk about common reasons for wrist pain, some of the most effective wrist pain treatments, and where you can go here in Palm Beach County for outstanding orthopedic treatment that focuses on upper-extremity care.

What Causes Wrist Pain?

The most effective wrist pain treatment for you will depend on its underlying cause, which is often one of the following conditions:

Wrist Tendonitis

Patients who have mild tendonitis of the wrist can often achieve relief by temporarily wearing a splint. The immobilization of the wrist will help to allow the inflamed tendons to heal.

The next step recommended by your orthopedic hand surgeon may be to have physical therapy for your hand to help restore its full function. If the wrist pain from tendonitis is severe, the doctor may inject cortisone into the wrist to provide instant and long-lasting relief of the pain and inflammation.

If these methods do not help to quell your pain, outpatient arthroscopic surgery may be your best option.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The wrist pain and hand weakness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome can usually be resolved without surgery. Wearing a hand splint at night while you sleep – which tends to be when the symptoms are at their worst – can help to keep the wrist in a neutral position, and thereby facilitate natural healing and alleviation of the nerve compression. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a pinched median nerve in the wrist.

The splint can also be worn during the day while you work, but discuss the optimum frequency and schedule with your hand surgeon. You will likely not want to wear the splint for too many hours each day, because some movement is necessary to enable proper circulation.

For severe hand pain and wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, physician-administered corticosteroid injections can provide lasting relief. As with tendonitis, physical therapy may also work well. If these techniques do not alleviate your wrist pain, then minimally invasive outpatient surgery may be recommended by your orthopedic surgeon.

Wrist Arthritis

The wrist pain and stiffness caused by mild wrist arthritis can be relieved with ice therapy, heat therapy, aquatic therapy (swimming), and/or corticosteroid injections. Physical therapy is critical, as it strengthens the muscles around the wrist joint, improves circulation, and relieves the pain and inflammation of wrist arthritis.

In cases of severe and debilitating wrist arthritis, your orthopedic doctor may recommend bone fusion or wrist replacement surgery – the latter of which involves replacing the damaged wrist tissues and supporting structures with a prosthetic wrist. It is the same concept as a knee replacement or hip replacement.

Wrist Pain Treatments Near Me in Delray Beach and Boca Raton

Conveniently located near the intersection of Military Trail and Linton Boulevard in Delray Beach, South Palm Orthopedics is here to serve the patients of South Florida with world-class orthopedic treatment. We are in the heart of where some of the best tennis and golf in the world is played, so our medical team frequently treats wrist injuries, shoulder injuries, and elbow injuries.

Our on-site hand surgeon, Dr. Steve Meadows, has the skills and breadth of experience needed to treat your wrist pain efficiently and effectively. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Meadows, or if you have any questions about our practice, call us today at 561-496-6622 or fill out our appointment request form online now. We look forward to helping you find lasting relief from your wrist pain!

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