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Referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon: Is Surgery Next?

If you visited your doctor for a consultation and they recommended that you go to an orthopedic surgeon, you are probably assuming that you may have to undergo invasive surgery. The good news is there’s a lot more that orthopedic surgeons do other than surgery!

An orthopedic surgeon is, first and foremost, a doctor – and one who specializes in the musculoskeletal system. Although they can perform surgery, they still will recommend and administer the least-invasive treatment that will work for you.

Orthopedic surgeons treat everything related to the musculoskeletal system – your joints, muscles, and bones – and this type of physician can help you without any surgical procedures. Let’s talk about some of the main things that an orthopedic surgeon can do for you, and where you can go in Delray Beach for best-in-class orthopedic care.

How Can an Orthopedic Surgeon Treat My Pain?

If you are going to have a medical evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon, be ready to hear treatment recommendations of many different kinds. Joint pain often responds well to pain-relief injection treatments, in which case your orthopedic surgeon will administer the medication directly into the painful joint – and you can expect to enjoy weeks or even months of pain relief before the treatment has to be repeated for continued relief.

An orthopedist treats these musculoskeletal injuries most often:

Joint Pain

You might be experiencing joint pain in your knee, ankle, hip, wrist, hand, elbow, or shoulder. The causes can vary, from your profession to your sport of choice, but they usually don’t require surgery in order for you to find relief.


There are many different types of arthritis, and each type has different types of treatment options. The most common is osteoarthritis or wear-and-tear arthritis, and this type of overuse injury often responds well to pain-relief injection treatment offered and administered by your orthopedic surgeon.

The surgeon will explain how the treatment works and what you can expect. If you cannot or do not want to undergo reparative surgery for severe arthritis, your orthopedist may also recommend medication or physical therapy.

Sports Injuries

If you engage in high-impact sports or exercise such as running, you may sustain an injury in your joints or muscles. Your orthopedic surgeon will take everything into consideration, including your age, sex, and activities, when recommending the right treatment in your case.

Orthopedic Surgeon in South Florida

Orthopedic surgeons offer many different types of treatments for the myriad musculoskeletal injuries and causes of pain that they see on a daily basis. Here at South Palm Orthopedics, our own Dr. Steve Meadows is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating orthopedic issues of the upper extremities.

Dr. Meadows always aims to administer the least-invasive treatment possible that will help to alleviate your pain and restore your musculoskeletal function. Keep in mind that the earlier you get the correct diagnosis, the faster you can get treated and get back to enjoying life again.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Meadows, contact our friendly staff today by calling us at 561-496-6622 or by filling out our appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you!

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