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Dr. Steve Meadows: A Highly Skilled Ligament Repair Specialist

Ligament injuries in the upper extremity are fairly common. The hand and shoulder, in particular, are highly susceptible to ligament injuries, often due to overuse in day-to-day activities.

Symptoms of a ligament injury in the upper extremity often include local pain (depending on the specific area that sustained the injury), bruising, swelling, and stiffness. People with a shoulder ligament injury may also experience pain or difficulty when sleeping on the affected shoulder.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, you could greatly benefit from the expertise of our ligament repair specialist here at South Palm Orthopedics—Dr. Steve Meadows. Let’s explore Dr. Meadows’ professional background to see why he is one of the most trusted ligament repair specialists in the region.


Dr. Meadows is board certified and a diplomate of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS), which means he maintains good professional standing and has established strong evidence of cognitive expertise and good performance in practice.

Dr. Meadows completed his fellowship training in upper extremity surgery at the Hand Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. The center is renowned for developing innovative techniques in tendon surgeries and hand rehabilitation.

Dr. Meadows has had a diverse educational and operative experience, working under the guidance of the best upper extremity surgeons in the country. In addition, he is a member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, a premier upper extremity surgery organization established in 1946.

Extensive Experience in Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatment Modalities

Dr. Meadows has been in practice for nearly three decades, and he performs numerous surgeries every year, including ligament reconstruction surgery, rotator cuff repair, shoulder replacement. and fracture repair.

While Dr. Meadows is highly trained in a vast range of surgical procedures, he believes that conservative interventions also have good functional outcomes, and that patients can heal without the need for invasive interventions.

Dr. Meadows offers regenerative medicine approaches, such as stem cell therapy, which only a select group of orthopedic surgeons provide, as well as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Stem cell therapy involves injecting stem cells into the site of the injury. It has shown to promote healing in partial ligament tears in the knees, ankle, and wrist.

PRP therapy involves the use of a concentration of the patient’s own platelets (colorless cell fragments in the blood) to accelerate the healing of injured soft tissues. It has shown promising results in patients with rotator cuff tears and shoulder sprains.

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Meadows, one of the leading ligament repair specialists in Delray Beach, call us at 561-496-6622 or use our convenient appointment request form. Dr. Meadows looks forward to providing you with the highest quality of upper extremity care!

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